Social Life with Out on a Limb

It can be very lonely without family and friends around you and even with them being close by they all have their own lives to lead.

Losing mobility even if only for a short period of time can be very frustrating but the thought of putting ones life on hold can be put to one side by joining in with the support group.

The support group realises how important meeting old friends, making new ones and getting out to social events can brighten up and improve the outlook on life for all people regardless of their personal situation.

To improve the wellbeing of members and give everyone something to look forward to the group will organise social evenings and day trips out as often as the money will allow.

This is anticipated to be at least six social evenings and six trips out during the year.

The group has held several social evenings & trips out up to this moment with some themes being more successful than others but the important thing is that members who can rarely get out were able to do so thanks to the group being able to provide transport even for those in wheelchairs.

Any activity or service that will enhance the physical and mental wellbeing of individuals or group will be pursued.

An essential in the social activities of the group is members telling their elected committee what they would like to do and where they would like to go.


Wherever possible the cost is kept to the minimum and will always be subsidised from group funds and the grants obtained for this purpose.

Unfortunately finance will always be the restricting factor in the group’s activities and so fund raising will always be on the agenda and obtaining sponsorships and donations is important in the development of Airedale & Bradford Out On a Limb amputee support group