Aims & Purpose

The support groups aims and purpose is to provide the information and support to all who are about to face this life changing experience in addition to the services provided by the NHS.

It is hoped that the real life experiences and knowledge that the group members have can help to relieve all parties involved of some of the fears, worries and trepidation that is felt at this time

It is intended that a wide range of information that the amputee and their family also may require is made available through providing literature and this web site.


The group has developed an Information Pack which will answer most of the questions faced by a new amputee and those around them and have made it available before or at the time of the operation to help remove most of the stress, fears and worries that exist when facing the future.

The packs also signpost the other organisations that provide the help and services which can make an amputee’s future life as near to normal as possible.

Within the group there is a pool of volunteers who would be more than happy to discuss any issues you may have.

Volunteers can be met during the rehabilitation sessions at the Gym in Airedale or Bradford Hospitals and can be called on by asking Maria or Sarah at the gyms, or with an informal chat at one of the social evenings

Meetings are also available for for family, carers and friends to discuss any aspect they have concerns about by arrangement with the rehabilitation teams.